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The consequences of reckless driving in Virginia.

A reckless driving conviction in Virginia can result in many negative consequences for a driver, including a potential jail sentence of up to twelve months, a fine of up to $2,500, and loss of driving privileges for up to six months. The consequences are much more severe than a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket. When you are charged with reckless driving it is important to consult with an attorney to examine potential defenses and to come up with a plan for mitigation evidence to present to the Court.

There are many different code sections under which a person can be charged with Reckless Driving in Virginia. Some of those code sections are:

§ 46.2-862. Exceeding speed limit.

A person is guilty of reckless driving who drives a motor vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth (i) at a speed of 20 miles per hour or more in excess of the applicable maximum speed limit or (ii) in excess of 85 miles per hour regardless of the applicable maximum speed limit.

§ 46.2-861.1. Drivers to yield right-of-way or reduce speed when approaching stationary vehicles displaying certain warning lights on highways; penalties.

A. The driver of any motor vehicle, upon approaching a stationary vehicle that is displaying a flashing, blinking, or alternating blue, red, or amber light or lights as provided in § 46.2-1022, 46.2-1023, or 46.2-1024 or subsection B of § 46.2-1026 shall (i) on a highway having at least four lanes, at least two of which are intended for traffic proceeding as the approaching vehicle, proceed with caution and, if reasonable, with due regard for safety and traffic conditions, yield the right-of-way by making a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the stationary vehicle or (ii) if changing lanes would be unreasonable or unsafe, proceed with due caution and maintain a safe speed for highway conditions. A violation of any provision of this subsection is reckless driving.

§ 46.2-859. Passing a stopped school bus; prima facie evidence.

A person driving a motor vehicle shall stop such vehicle when approaching, from any direction, any school bus which is stopped on any highway, private road or school driveway for the purpose of taking on or discharging children, elderly individuals, or individuals with mental or physical disabilities, and shall remain stopped until all the individuals are clear of the highway, private road or school driveway and the bus is put in motion; any individual violating the foregoing is guilty of reckless driving.

§ 46.2-852. Reckless driving; general rule.

Irrespective of the maximum speeds permitted by law, any person who drives a vehicle on any highway recklessly or at a speed or in a manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person shall be guilty of reckless driving.

§ 46.2-853. Driving vehicle which is not under control; faulty brakes.

A person shall be guilty of reckless driving who drives a vehicle which is not under proper control or which has inadequate or improperly adjusted brakes on any highway in the Commonwealth.

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