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Police Cars


Navigating the criminal justice system is overwhelming for the person charged with a crime.   As a criminal defense attorney, David Martin always keeps in mind how important it  is to communicate with clients and keep them informed about the process. 


David Martin has 18 years' experience working in the local courts and he previously worked as a prosecutor. These experiences give him the expertise and insight on how to advocate for you throughout the case and achieve the best possible results.  

He has handled cases that range from misdemeanor charges such as underage possession of alcohol, drunk in public, petty theft, embezzlement, simple possession of schedule iii/iv drugs,  simple assault and battery, trespassing and more, to felony charges including armed robbery, rape and sexual battery, possession of schedule I/II drugs, distribution of schedule I/II drugs, conspiracy to distribute schedule I/II drugs, and murder. 

David Martin offers free consultations for criminal cases. During the consult, he will assess your case and will explain what services he can offer you. He will provide you with an honest assessment, not a sales pitch. And unlike larger firms, which assign cases to junior associate attorneys, Martin will personally handle your case. He will communicate with you throughout the process, including conducting jail visits when applicable, and will attend all court proceedings.

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